Acerca de Artcangel



I am an artist whose mission is to consciously wake up to create through art, a unity of myself and others.

My vision as an artist has helped me to advance my own understanding of life and through it, improve that of other people.

My manifestation comes from a modern urban lifestyle, with a fairly fast pace, trips around the world that have inspired my being, through the energies and vibrations of the places, each person, shape, color, smell, texture and history They are part of a connection with the whole, along with a continuous state of gratitude and faith, have allowed my pieces to come to life, in the form of timeless, hand-painted, unique sculptures with special finishes.

Every one of my works is full of wonderful energies, which travel, transporting the vibrations that go from my heart, creating a link between art and the human being, which moves, inspires, motivates and reassures.

When sitting in front of a piece, I create a direct connection between the present moment, an alignment with my life purpose and an active meditation, which allow me to capture avatars of faith in my pieces, always guided with love, integrity and devotion by doing an invitation through the material to embrace spirituality, both parts of this existence, recognizing the depth of life, constant creation and continuity, the soul is eternal and our.



Color and shapes are my language, my heart and my intuition my Guide …

My Art is a meditation whose reaction is Love.

We are and Everything is energy, when we become aware that thoughts, words and actions contain a positive vibration, in love, in faith, our creation and what we will tie is manifested in life in a special way.


Ainoha Martinez is a mixed media artist, who resides in Miami, with studies in Architecture, design, Plastic Arts and painting, her pieces have been exhibited in Miami and Caracas (Venezuela).

His artistic style combines the connection between energies and the vibration of bright colors with a special concept that mixes the diversity of forms and designs of modern art, with an urban style and the conceptual history of the history of Art, through a variety of materials that include acrylics, spray paint, oil, pastel, watercolors, collage, markers, resin finishes, etc. plasma on sculptures, paintings, clothing and accessories.

His works allow him to experience an experience where his mysticism and spirituality are reflected and his personal way of expressing life makes his art a mystical experience, which elevates the senses and takes you to other states of contemplation.