Saint Michael
The Archangel


His name means Who, like God, has an essential symbolism to understand a special role in the life of the human being, at a literal and symbolic level it represents justice and fight for good and love and peace in each person, he is the captain of the armies of God, which are the forces of good in the universe, their meaning implies, protection, security, power, overcoming obstacles, the destruction of fear and doubt and removing everything that does not fill you, in you and outside of love. He inspires the human being to dress in all the symbols of his armor of light.

Each attribute of the Archangel Michael has an essential symbolism to understand its spiritual role in the life of the human being.

The image of a warrior that represents the defenses against the forces of darkness that lurk, such as ignorance, unconsciousness, lack of faith among others and attachment to material things and emotions,

His title prince of light represents the enlightenment of the human being to free him from darkness and fear.

His breastplate signifies the willpower to face the challenges of life, it also represents faith and security in the good.

The shield represents the universe is the protection that tells his adversary that he cannot defeat love.

The sword represents the light of spiritual force, with this force peace and divine justice are established, it is the weapon of truth with it the veil that creates ignorance is broken. Break the bonds that enslave the human being through fear, ego and attachment.

The balance signifies justice, balance and order, on it hang good or bad actions, balanced by love and goodness that redeem the human soul.

His mantle represents protection and the power to inhabit your inner being connected with God, with whom he protects humans from negative energies and vibrations.

Infancia Dorada



¨… Powerful Archangel Michael

As prince of the heavenly militia

And with the power that God has given you,

Be you, my protector and my guide,

Deliver me from the dangers that haunt me

Let your sword be the light and the force that breaks with fears

That drives away internal and external enemies.

I place my trust in you, my faith in you and my hope in you, because I know that you do not disappoint those who trust you and your fight for justice, protection, good and love will always accompany me … Amen. ¨